Welcome to Alcohol Free Zone Area



World Statistics

 12 LAKH

 people die each YEAR in road accidents

3287 Killed

Every day  due to Road Accidents

35 Deaths

Due Drunk Driving every HOUR

65 % Fatalities

Expected to increase in next 20 Years


What We Do?

When installed, the ALKHOLOCKS     ignition interlock prevents the vehicle engine from starting if the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is above the preset limit as per national road safety council. The ignition interlock will allow the vehicle to start if the BAC is below that limit.

 All technologies created by us are crafted with the strong passion to create a healthy atmosphere by not only improving personal heal.


Why you Choose ALKHOLOCKS?


  1. Prevent Road Accidents
  2. Improve drivers cautiousness
  3. Recover Insurance Claims
  4. Enhance Road Safety
  5. Sustain Continuous Monitoring

Awesome Features

Safe Drive


  1.   Improves safety behaviour of drivers.
  2. Save vehicles and prevent road accidents.

Remote Lock & Unlocking


  1. Remotely lock vehicle using sms  and mobile app
  2. Bypass device functionality using authorised emergency switch.

Feedback Management


  1.  Inform fleet owner through sms.
  2.  Record alcohol  limits periodically.
  3.       Locate sober drivers through mobile app 

Continuous Monitoring


  1.  Continiously monitor BrAC limits through  Bluetooth/GSM/wi-fi
  2. Track vehicle status and location,  driver behaviour 24/7 hr 

Fleet Maintenance


  1. Easy data logs for drunken drivers.
  2.    Identify & Trace near by sober drivers 
  3.     Record alcohol free drive travel  reports in kilometres

Security Alerts


  1.  Inform BrAC limits to outhorized people through MobileApp/SMS 
  2. Alerts druken drivers through LED trafic signals